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Hotel Security

We offer security that can ensure efficient and professional protection whilst maintaining customer service at all times.

In today’s current climate, hotels in London are potentially at risk from many different threats, especially given the rise of the terrorism alerts. It has never been so important to provide a vigilant security presence to protect your hotel and guests.


Warren Buffet once quoted - “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.”

Therefore, all our personnel are carefully selected, vetted and undergo our own rigorous training, with a major focus on customer service.

Conducting themselves respectably and appropriately, our dedicated staff will exceed all your expectations and serve as great representatives for your organisation. We will ensure any persons entering your building will have the relevant permission and only be given access to permitted areas for an appropriate reason.

Working alongside the in-house security team, our staff will also assist in: ​

  • Patrol of public areas and outside spaces

  • Screening of external contractors and staff

  • Control of after hours access

  • Maintaining of emergency response plan

  • Identifying threats and unwanted behavior

  • Logging of all incidents and misdemeanors


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