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Door Supervisors

Trained in customer service skills, our door supervisor 'hosts' will complement your business while securing your customers, staff and venue.
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Our staff are carefully selected, vetted and trained to meet the security industry standard, and possess the SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licence. Our system in place monitors and reviews our performance level on a continuous basis.


In addition to completing the SIA training course which covers important subjects such as:

  • Health and Safety at Work

  • Civil and Criminal Law

  • Licensing Compliance's

  • Searching

  • Eviction

  • Dealing with drugs and offensive weapons

  • First Aid

  • Emergency services

  • Powers of arrest

  • Incident Recording and Scene Preservation

  • Conflict management

  • Physical Intervention


​Our private security operatives also undergo our rigorous in-house training programme, which further equips them with additional skills in operational management and executive customer relations. This enables them to execute a full range of highly professional security duties, in addition, creating a welcoming reception to enhance the performance and protect brand reputation of our clients businesses.

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