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Spirit of Tiki Festival, Regents Park 2017

From business award ceremony's to Tiki Festivals, BMC Security offer a discreet and professional service to enhance your guests experience.

Spirit of Tiki was conceptualised by Georgi Radev and Roger Barnes, leading experts in the tiki and rum industries.

Georgi Radev is bar manager at Mahiki, one of London’s most exclusive nightspots and its undisputed tiki capital. His knowledge of rum, cocktails and tiki culture is second to none, and his advice has helped brands worldwide.

Roger Barnes is a globally-renowned rum enthusiast, who has owned and managed top food and beverage franchises in London. With over 20 years’ experience in rum and premium spirits, he knows all the key industry personnel.

Together, they created Spirit of Tiki, with the aim of educating brands and consumers about tiki the exciting way – through taste, smell, sight, sound and feel!

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